Personal Projects
This is a collection of posters, packaging, brochures, and illustrations that I have made for various classes, contests, exhibitions, and for fun.

Lana Del Rey poster for her album "Ultraviolence"
Poster for the magician Blackstone, reading "The World's Greatest Magician"
Poster for the band Vinyl Theatre
A travel-style poster for northern Minnesota, reading "The Superior Coast"
Packaging for a fictional apple cider brand, "Bruised Apple Cider"
Packaging for a fictional apple cider brand, "Bruised Apple Cider"
A fashion illustration based off of a photo from Acne Studios pre-fall 2013 line
The following illustrations were created alongside text written by my very talented friend Jordyn A. Taylor for a storybook about fear which was featured at a 2019 performance exhibition. Jordyn's LinkedIn and Twitter.
These are a few excerpts from that book. All text is credited to Jordyn.
I'm watching and I'm waiting
As the feeling lights its spark,
From a movement in the shadows,
Or a sound in the dark.
Once I have my hands on you
The feeling starts to spread,
As a blackness in your soul,
And an impending sense of dread.

I'm there when your mind plays tricks,
When you hold your breath and pretend
You're not scared of what is hiding
Behind a corner or a bend.

It's not only things you imagine
That can make you feel this way.
Real horrors, big and small,
Turn you into easy prey.
Creatures that slither, scratch, and bite
Offer a myriad of threats,
Sending shivers down your spine
As your skin begins to sweat.

Your breath begins to quicken
And your pulse begins to tick
When you think of yourself broken,
Battered, bruised, and sick.

When you love someone so deeply
More than you could ever show,
But you know that someday soon
You may have to let them go.
Or you live a life together
As one body, mind, and heart,
You could be the one that's left behind
Should your beloved's soul depart.